I usually garnish with a lime but I may try adding some mint–the flavor profile for your cocktail is pretty similar.

Gin and lemonade cocktails can be as simple as you like or they can be impressive and adventurous – there really are no hard and fast rules when it comes to gin drinking. The following collection of cocktails have everything from a simple gin and lemonade mix to more complex creations – everything a gin and lemonade lover could want. Gins I used with this drink & in the DIY Gin Bar: St. George Spirits, Botanivore Gin; St. George Spirits, Terroir Gin

), add a healthy glug of gin, stir to combine then toss with ice and seltzer. Take a scoop of frozen lemonade concentrate (I use the pink stuff because it makes it pretty! This Gin Lemonade Cocktail will taste different depending on what gin you use. Each distillery adds different botanicals, so the same cocktail made with another gin will result in its own distinctive version.

Add all ingredients, except Topo Chico and lemon wheel, to a shaker and fill with ice.

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