German Waffles are the BEST!

The Authentic German…, German Chocolate Layer Cake - Prinzregententorte

Perfect for baking beginners.

This aromatic gingerbread recipe is a great tea cake for Christmastime. After decades…, Traditional Frankfurter Kranz Recipe It's how we make waffles n Germany. This is a delicious German Strawberry Cream Layered Cake - Erdbeersahne-Torte -for which you would use the Kathi German Biscuit Base Cake Baking Mix.

I got this stollen recipe while I was Head Baker at the Dorchester. Despite its name, the cake isn't German at all. You just need to add some fresh ingredients.

The Gewuerzkuchen Recipe consists…, German Hazelnut Cake Nusskuchen You just need to add some fresh ingredients. In some German butter cake recipes, you can add whipping cream on top of the cake when it’s fresh out of the oven (the liquid whipping cream, not the already whipped version you find in an aerosol can). He thought combining chocolate with sugar would save bakers a step in their process! This is an old recipe from Germany. Find the famous "Torten" such as Black Forest Torte or Strawberry Torte.

We also show you how to make special and hard to find ingredients such as quark or vanilla sauce. Bread Man Recipe is used to bake Martin's Men…, Traditional Black Forest Cake

PRODUCT FEATURES Just add 2 eggs and 2tbsp water Made in Germany Non-GMO ingredients Low…. This traditional German treat has two layers of yeast cake, a vanilla cream filling, and a crunchy gooey honey almond topping. With the Kathi baking mix it is possible to make these delicious layered cakes, fruit cakes or rolls. This is a recipe for a delicious German apple pastry or Apfeltaschen in German (apple pockets). The German Plum Cake…, Homemade Rhubarb Cake

We have recipes for the ever-popular Black Forest cake… Make this delicious cheese cake from a German Baking Mix - it's that easy. To make them you would use the Kathi German Yeast Dough Baking Mix.

NEW - Do you agree? In our recipe, we kept it simple and didn’t do that. We also show you how to make special and hard to find ingredients such as quark or vanilla sauce. It is very easy to make and always moist. in English language. The…, Bread Man Recipe Find the best German cakes, tarts and pastries. This Danube Wave Cake recipe is a traditional…, Gewuerzkuchen Recipe - Delicious The cake improves with aging, so bake several days ahead. It makes a perfect food gift at Christmas.

German cakes are not overtly sweet.

All instructions, ingredients etc. All instructions, ingredients etc. PRODUCT FEATURES Just add some fresh ingredients: 180ml milk, 2 eggs…, NEW - Do you Agree? The Traditional German…, German Plum Cake Recipe - Quark Oil Dough You are all set up to make a simple German crumb cake or the famous Black Forest cake and more.

Just add eggs, butter and quark cheese.

The Baking Mix is Made in Germany - Non-GMO, less sugar and irresistible. It's available on We have recipes for the ever-popular Black Forest cake, as well as Donauwellen, Lebkuchen and lots more.

If you love honey and almonds, you’ll swoon over German Bee Sting Cake (Bienenstich). You can serve the waffles with berries, jam, honey, whipped cream, Nutella, or fresh fruit.

German cake recipes (46) Find loads of easy and authentic recipes for German cakes from home cooks like you. Happy Baking! About German Kuchen (German Cake) If you’ve made my other German cakes – Bee Sting Cake, German Plum Cake or a German Cheesecake, for example – you already know that German cakes are different than US American cakes. The picture shows the traditional color of German Chocolate Cake, but this recipes (which calls for 2-4ounce bars of chocolate) is dark and tastes like a chocolate cake. in English About Kathi Baking…, My Best German Recipes - Love German Food.

Perfect for baking beginners. Wonderful authentic German recipe, This is what you need to make authentic German Spätzle: Spaetzle Maker Stainless Steel - For Making German Spaetzle, Kathi German Layered Cake Baking Mix - Tortenmix 11.6oz, This is the recipe for a classic German fruit cake that was created for the American 4th of July celebration.

Germans are just as likely to serve butterkuchen in the afternoon when they are having kaffee und kuchen (coffee and cake). The Traditional Black Forest Cake…, Danube Wave Cake Recipe The Aachener Printen Recipe is one of…, Traditional German Gingerbread House German butter cake or butterkuchen is a yeasted sheet cake that is a great alternative to doughnuts or muffins for your morning coffee. German Cakes are the BEST!

Aachener Printen Recipe Find loads of easy and authentic recipes for German cakes from home cooks like you. This original Bee Sting Cake…,,,,,, Bread Man Recipe for Weckmaenner or Stutenkerle,,, Danube Wave Cake Recipe — Snow White Cake,,,, Traditional German Christmas Cookies Recipes,,, Homemade Rhubarb Cake with Meringue Topping,,,, Traditional Frankfurter Kranz Recipe – A Classic Buttercream Filled Cake with Krokant Sprinkles,, Traditional Marble Pound Cake — Marmorkuchen, There's an easy way now: Make it from a Baking Mix - The Russischer Zupfkuchen is delicious and easy to make.

Make it Sunday Morning and it will be ready for the afternoon Kaffee and Kuchen time.PRODUCT FEATURES Glaze: Cocoa Just add fresh ingredients such as eggs, water and butter Made in Germany Non-GMO ingredients Low sugar content All instructions, ingredients etc.

The recipe is using sour cherries that are available at Aldi or Trader Joe's. It's packed with dried fruit and filled with a marzipan surprise.

Happy Baking!

This is a delicious German Topped Apple Cake - Gedeckter Apfelkuchen - for which you would use the Kathi German Shortcrust Cake Baking Mix. Have you ever tried to make the German Chocolate Chip Cheese Cake? Find the famous "Torten" such as Black Forest Torte or Strawberry Torte. The German Hazelnut Cake Nusskuchen…, Traditional German Christmas Cookies The Traditional German…, German Dominosteine Christmas Cookies - Layered Gingerbread Cookies The different kinds of dough and batter create this selection of recipes. This is a delicious German Rhubarb Streusel Cake for which you would use the Kathi German Yeast Dough Baking Mix.

You just need to add some fresh ingredients. The Kathi Marble Cake Baking Mix - Authentic German Marmorkuchen is my absolute favorite because it used to be the cake of my childhood. Perfect for baking beginners. German Chocolate Cake is a sweet chocolate cake that is filled and frosted with rich, sticky coconut, and pecan filling.

Enjoy it with a cup of coffee or as dessert. Perfect for baking beginners. German Italian Plum Cake or Zwetschendatschi is a popular cake when the Italian plums are ripe, served with whipped cream. This is a recipe for delicious German apple donuts or Apfelkrapfen in German. in English language. Authentic German Cherry Streusel Cake recipe from Germany, proven and very easy to make.

Can't decide between apple cake and apple crumble? I show in the instructions how to create simple baking goods as well as seasonal cakes, pastries and typical desserts for the holidays like the famous German Christmas Cookies. See more ideas about German cake, Cake recipes, German cakes recipes. Wish I had compared this recipe to the traditional before making it. The Homemade Rhubarb Cake is prepared…, Authentic German Butter Cake - Butterkuchen This Traditional Frankfurter…, Traditional Marble Pound Cake Enjoy this 4th of July Fruit Cake German Style. That took me a little while to get used to when I first lived in Germany. Whichever German baking recipe you choose, your friends and family will appreciate your efforts and be thankful. There is no baking mix for such layered cakes. Learn how to make the Allgau Specialty Onion Cake - Zwiebelkuchen in German. Of course also the ingredients. You just need to add some fresh ingredients.

Unlike the name, the chocolate bar was not developed in Germany, but named after the man who created it instead! Using this baking mix you can make this cake in no time! I like to share traditional German baking recipes. Authentic German recipe from the Allgau of South Germany. Enjoy this German cake if it is still warm.

- NEWNow you can make fast and easily a German biscuit base cake for layered cakes or biscuit rolls.This mix is not available at all in US supermarkets. Perfect for baking beginners. To make them you would use the Kathi German Yeast Dough Baking Mix.

Mini cherry streusel cake is a authentic German cake recipe that is easy to make. The preparation of the German baking recipes  is easy following the step-by-step instructions supported by pictures.

This is a German apple cake recipe for a juicy luscious apple cake with yummy crumble topping. This Traditional Marble Pound…, Original Bee Sting Cake Recipe Sep 8, 2020 - Find the best German cakes, tarts and pastries.

It was moist and tender, but too chocolatey. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED ©2020, Inc. The cake recipe uses Baker’s German Chocolate, which was developed over 100 years ago!

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