This new FM transmitter, once powered on, creates a major hum in my speakers. You may find that your fm transmitter actually sounds better when you hold the transmitter, but the static noise return when you let go. Thanks again Steve for your time here. We could solve the issue according to the solutions mentioned in the article. This is because when holding the transmitter, you become an extension of your antenna, it boost the radio signal strength and reduce the static noise… Retekess FM transmitter are widely used in drive-in church service, outdoor movie theater, and funeral services due to the Corona. I can move the audio input cable to the transmitter around as well as the entire transmitter and get less hum but doesnt go away. There are a few factors may cause the FM transmitter induces hum noise. I tried setting the CZH-05B to low power, but saw no change. Transmitter work great however I also run an amplifier and 2 speakers.

If this helps: The hum only goes away when my hand touches the microphone where it plugs into the radio, (the metal screw part) while holding the mic with the other hand, OR if my other hand touches the radio or PS while holding the microphone in one hand.

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