Juan Alaniz. Possession of an Unregistered Rifle Having a Barrel of Less Than 16 Inches in Length. The indictment charges Terrell, Martin, Belton, Coleman, Drake, Miller, Patton and Redman with conspiring to distribute methamphetamine from July 2019 to August 2020. It was published back in Feb. 2019: “Obama, Clinton, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Lynch, McCabe Believed Charged with Treason”: ______________________________________________________, If you wish to write and/or publish an article on Operation Disclosure all you need to do is send your entry to, The subject of your email entry should be: "Entry Post | (Title of your post) | Operation Disclosure", - Your signature/name/username at the top, If you wish to receive the daily Operation Disclosure Newsletter, you can. Final Waco Drug Ring Conspiracy Defendant Sentenced to Federal Prison. UPDATED ARREST LIST 6 SEPT 2020. Michael Charles Hicks. Drug Conspiracy (counts 1-2); Importation of a Controlled Substance- Fentanyl (count 3); Smuggling Goods Into the United States (count 4); Unlawful Use of a Communication Facility (counts 5-34); Possession of a Firearm in Furtherance of a Drug Trafficking Crime (counts 35 and 36). Abel is also charged with unlawfully possessing a firearm while being addicted to methamphetamine. Kidnapping in Indian Country; Carjacking; Possessing and Receiving a Stolen Firearm and Stolen Ammunition; Possession of a Firearm While Subject to a Domestic Violence Protective Order; Burglary in the Second Degree in Indian Country; Assault With a Dangerous Weapon in Indian Country; Stalking in Indian Country; Domestic Violence in Indian Country; Interstate Violation of a Protective Order; Carrying, Using, and Brandishing a Firearm During and in Relation to a Crime of Violence.

Indecent Exposure in Indian Country. Source: Thread by @JobesRed on Thread Reader App 17 global changing events coming in October... Y the Wait? The return of an indictment is a method of informing a defendant of alleged violations of federal law, which must be proven in a court of law beyond a reasonable doubt to overcome a defendant’s presumption of innocence. The FBI is the investigative agency. The FBI is the investigative agency. The FBI and Tulsa Police Department are the investigative agencies. The Planet is Being Cleansed - Corona Virus is a "Cover" Date: Thursday, 12-Mar-2020 23:47:42 Source: Rumor Mill News | By Mr... 5G,156,9/11,43,Abortion,11,Ancient Civilizations,27,Animal Rights,1,Anna Von Reitz,293,Anonymous,4,Antarctica,12,Artificial Intelligence,22,Ascension,28,Australia,56,Aviation,7,Benghazi,10,Benjamin Fulford,174,Big Pharma,62,Big Tech,39,Bilderberg,61,Bill Clinton,7,Bill Gates,62,Biowarfare,22,BlackOps,1,Brent Johnson,6,Brexit,147,Cabal,302,Canada,43,Cancer,22,Cannabis,5,Censorship,107,Central Banks,258,Chemtrails,36,Child Sacrifice,2,China,421,CIA,261,Citizen Rights,339,Climate Change,29,Cloning,16,Cobra,54,Corey Goode,19,Corruption,2122,Dave Janda,8,David Lifschultz,24,David Wilcock,39,Decode,146,Deep State,1084,Disclosure,49,Disease,1012,Disinformation,25,DOJ,167,Drake Bailey,2,Drugs,17,Earth Alliance,1051,Economics,1329,Education,4,Edward Snowden,16,Elon Musk,4,Energy,25,Environment,79,EU,327,Eugenics,15,Exopolitics,178,Extraterrestrial,174,Fake News,45,False Flag,58,FBI,240,FDA,30,Federal Reserve,286,FEMA,2,Field McConnell,2,Food,8,Fraud,152,Galactic Federation,6,Genocide,15,Geoengineering,21,Geopolitics,2714,George Soros,79,GESARA,1260,Ghislaine Maxwell,38,GITMO,76,Global Elite,29,GMO,37,Grant Ouellette,42,Guest Writer,1,Gun Control,23,Hawaii,11,Health,956,Hillary Clinton,297,History,266,Hollywood,64,Human Rights,42,Human Trafficking,229,Humanitarian,6,Illuminati,42,Immigration,32,Inner Earth,4,Intel,2236,Intelligence Community,40,Iran,95,IRS,15,Israel,110,James Gilliland,47,James O'Brien,15,Japan,36,Jeffrey Epstein,217,Jesuit,14,JFK,60,JFK Jr,78,Joe Biden,335,John Podesta,6,Jon Rappoport,184,Jordan Sather,135,Judy Byington,1021,Julian Assange,83,Kamala Harris,7,KejRaj,1,Kent Dunn,2,Khazarian,100,Law,345,Law Enforcement,66,Lebanon,6,Libya,2,Mainstream Media,549,Mark Baughman,2,Medicine,86,Melinda Siebold,9,Military,95,Military Industrial Complex,8,Mind,91,Mind Control,21,MKUltra,18,NASA,30,Native Americans,6,NATO,50,Natural Remedies,88,Neil Keenan,1,Neocon,10,New World Order,156,New Zealand,28,Nikola Tesla,18,North Korea,43,NSA,74,Obama,269,Open Letter,24,Palestine,3,Para Kas-Vetter,39,Parasites,1,Parisse Deza,8,Patrick J. McShay,27,Paul Craig Roberts,1,Pedophilia,177,Philippines,12,Politics,360,Predictions,462,Privacy,5,Propaganda,33,Protests,125,Psychological,1,Putin,53,QAnon,1174,Racism,77,Reader Posts,953,Religion,94,Restored Republic,1015,RFK Jr.,1,Rinus Verhagen,135,Robert David Steele,19,Robert Mueller,116,Rockefeller,50,Ron Paul,2,Rothschild,102,RT,19,Russia,127,RV/GCR,1434,RXKendrick,15,Sacred Geometry,1,Satanic,145,Saudi Arabia,26,Scandal,44,Science,70,Secret Societies,73,Secret Space Program,46,SERCO,1,SES,1,Sexual Abuse,88,ShadowGate,3,ShadowSuper,54,Shootings,17,Shoshi Herscu,29,Sierra (NZ),200,Social Media,80,Society,102,Sorcha Faal,79,South America,9,South Korea,9,Space,56,Speculation,2165,Spirituality,398,Spygate,46,Steve Beckow,10,Steve Pieczenik,3,Syria,27,Technology,197,Terrorism,51,The Office of POOFness,93,The Vatican,56,Thinker2,151,Thomas Anderson,20,Transhumanism,5,Treason,83,Trump,1904,Turkey,8,UFOs,93,UK,308,Ukraine,116,United Nations,43,US Democratic Party,185,US Government,2085,US Republican Party,21,USA,3502,Vaccinations,230,Venezuela,15,Whistleblower,126,White Hats,50,Wikileaks,6,William Mount,1,Wonder Woman,1,Xi Jinping,31,Yellow Vests,8,Zionist,103, Operation Disclosure: Who is in the 144,000 Sealed Indictments about to be Served?

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