I have a red asymmetric top . What should we wear?

They just look like dresses with knit stockings that I would wear in cool weather.

. I feel that open vamp shoes look the best as they will further lengthen your leg line. I found out that boots are often wore almost year around there in Long Beach area. I think that would be totally ok and can look very chic! Yes, I accomplish that with leggings and tunics an age appropriate bob. I prefer slim pants. If you search online, you’ll see many of these pant suits are beautifully paired and colorful. Thanks again! She said I should wear them to my yoga classes but I am concerned about wearing them out in public at my age. Mystery….

O bearing on them. Good on you. They’re still very comfortable. Hi Marie, I am 75and have just started following this blog. They are also great for tucking in your tummy. Here is a look with an asymmetrical tunic and draped leggings which are available in many colors. They give a lot more support than leggings and I think can look good with a regular top. What’s this style thing that we keep insisting on following…. What kind of shoes look good with leggings? Thanks and welcome to 40plusstyle! Now I just have to find the right top . I just dont feel that comfortable wearing them the Chanel-style. I plan on wearing skirts and tunic length tops on a cruise but w/o bare legs.

However for the most constructive help and personal feedback I recommend my 21 steps course http://40plusstylecourses.com/course/21-steps-to-a-more-stylish-you/ or the 40+Style club https://40plusstyleclub.com where we practise style on a daily basis.

Think striking shapes, new textures and runway-inspired tapestry. I absolutely love my leggings and find it hard to wear regular slacks now.

You cannot, and should not exclude us. There are so many other options to wear. Slides. Because a long shirt covers up your bottom and thighs, you can afford to go a little bit edgy with your leggings. I hope you got some more clarity on how to wear leggings!

Which is the comfort standard I always strive for. Should I invest in more tightly fitting “tights”? Yes, that’s a point I forget to mention. However I think the article is talking generally, Id bet the vast majority of over 40s 50s are not snowboarders or indeed i assume would look good in leggings and regular size tees. If you through all my outfits in the what i wore section, you can see many of my own examples. So in short, make the bum area denser material, but the leggings themselves should be worn as women see fit!!! I don ‘t see the problem. The entire sites subject is exactly what I was looking for! Check out this printed midi dress that you can pair with these similar leggings, shoes, earrings and cuff. Yes, I love to wear leggings. The golden rule is that, so long as you wear what you wear confidence, you can just about wear anything! I am overweight and wear leggings all the time, but I follow my own rules for looking decent. Hit the stores perhaps wearing your leggings, and try a few! Tall flat boots can work really well with leggings, but short booties and ballet flats can work equally good. You shouldn’t have to cover up your thighs and hips with a big blouse or top if you don’t need to, just because you’re “over 40.” Age is just a number and shouldn’t be a barrier to what you wear if your figure is still good enough and it suits you. A perfectly comfortable outfit. I appreciate her contributions to your blog.

It’s very stretchy as it fits close to the body.

For more info on what kind of shoes to wear with what pants check out this article. I generally don’t like to wear long shirts anyway, because with my pear shape, they tend to cling to my hips and butt while hanging loosely over my thighs, which makes me look lumper and bigger than loose leggings could ever do. I want to wear them with my knit leggings but, I never want to look tacky. All wide is just going to make you look bigger so find tops that are a bit tailored in the waist. Just found your blog via Pinterest – hooray!

and I imagine are as comfortable as wearing pyjamas – only they look nothing like pyjamas.

Very thorough and thoughtful! Anyway, I have a good friend who is in her late 60s who wears leggings all the time.


Be sure to wear the right underwear though, so there is no clear VPL (visible panty line).

If you don’t like it then you don’t like it.

Catherine (above) perfectly teams her leggings and tunic with a matching scarf. You still want to make sure that you create enough structure in your outfit though.

Oh I so love that cream, sleeveless boat neck tunic with the asymmetric pleated hem. I just bought the skinny leopard print jean with Mojo jacket from White House Black Market and people raved about the look on me when I wore it. Makes me feel hidden. In paisley and other very flattering prints, they look great . so halfway to the knees? I’m just not sure if they would be the best choice for a wedding. I’m long and lean with a very small waist (size 2) but my butt and hips are big in a sense considering my waist.

As well as having a successful career as an IT Architect.

These elongate and will make your legs appear longer. I’m 54 and 6′ feet tall!

Cheers. should i consider navy leggings? I’m going to try some light-colored short dresses with my leggings, and I now have the courage to try some white leggings for the 1st time. A flowy, loose-fitting dress over a narrow silhouette looks especially good if you are full-figured. Any advice?

I think this isy third time around.

It works best with a dress in cotton or jersey fabric for a more casual outfit. You will want to make sure that your leggings are thick enough and have a good stretch, yet are still firm enough to give your legs a great shape. Leggings are a great transitional option for spring and summer as you can wear underneath dresses or tunics, meaning you can continue wearing your favorite summer dresses even if the weather is still a little cool. There is one on Texas as well where I was indeed wearing leggings! https://40plusstyle.com/texas-travel-report/. Like you I believe that no one, NO ONE, should wear leggings as if they were pants. Satina leggings come in several colors so you could always opt for a softer hue for summer if you already have black leggings in your closet.

My mother is 83, and looks wonderful in loose fitting leggings. I am 62 and I got a pair of leggings from a friend for my birthday. Why do you need a slip? Just use a good pair of sissors and cut the slip to the desired length.

But, I have had someone tell me I look horrible in western clothing. My long time girl friend who was a buyer for Marshall Fields just got me onto leggings. Sometimes it covers, sometimes not. Another option is to choose a cotton short dress in a light color, like this breezy white dress https://40plusstyle.com/how-to-wear-leggings-on-your-holiday/. What you could do is just talk about your own experience and say something like “I found this wonderful website 40plusstyle.com that has so many useful style tips. Hayley (above) opts for an ankle-length leggings to pair with sneakers, and a long coat to give her body an elongated look. Thanks Sylvia, I shall try dress up today .

Although usually with skinnies rather than leggings.

I have a pretty cream dress which is too short and I always wear it with green slim trousers and leopard pumps. How lovely would the plaid jacket look with a sweater, leggings and booties? Thanks, I give advice to women of all shapes. Age is not a factor to affect your looks, if you carry off what you wear with confidence. Shop for Free People Slip Away Pullover Dress in Ivory Combo at REVOLVE. I adore leggings. Empire tops can work too although it does not work for all apple women. ?.High heels is good or not..I like to know from you.. See more ideas about Autumn fashion, Cute outfits, My style. As I am single, I would still like to dress to impress. You can get them on Evine.com I live in leggings and tunics. You don’t wear a slip with slacks or shorts or other legged bottoms. NYDJ are well known for creating jeans for curves rather than for teenage girls. I can only offer limited help here Sue, but I’m currently enrolling students for the new style course, so maybe that’s interesting to you?

I recommend visiting my article on the apple shape https://40plusstyle.com/how-to-dress-the-apple-body-shape/ and my article on how to hide your belly for more specific tips https://40plusstyle.com/how-to-hide-your-belly/. If you are looking to add a chic and polished element to your legging-based look, then loafers are your best bet. See more ideas about Autumn fashion, Cute outfits, Fashion. Soft Surroundings have some! You can never go wrong with full-length leggings. Thank you.

A slip is just an extra layer and it should not bring any attention to itself.

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