Tourism data for this area is very reliable.

The middle-year months have cold weather with high temperatures that are brisk. July Max average t°: +14 °C (57.2°F) Min average t°: +6 °C (42.8 °F) Sundial in the day: 5 hours Rainy days: 6 days Precipitation: 60 mm (2.3") August Max average t°: +16 °C (60.8 °F) Min average t°: +6 °C (42.8 °F) Sundial in the day: 6 hours Rainy days: 7 days Precipitation: 70 mm (2.7") (Buenos Aires) Winter Holidays. provides a tool to help you decide on your next holiday destination. The area averages lows at 37 F and highs of 68 F. Temperatures drop significantly in the evening, so even mild days may turn to cold evenings. It rains very rarely during july.

Weather data for Argentina in july is derived from an average of the weather forecast since 2009 in Argentina.

You stay dry for your journey!With a correct climate, july is okay (but not good time) for traveling in this locality. The least humid month is December (48.1% relative humidity), and the most humid month is May (63.7%).

The climate of Argentina is a vastly complex subject, as the vast size of the country and wide variation in altitude make for a wide range of climate types. The busiest month for tourism in Argentina is May, followed by June and November. The graph below shows the average snow on the ground in Argentina (in). Read below for more weather and travel details. The lowest chance of rain or snow occurs around late July. 1 knot = 1.15 MPH or 1.85 KPH. In july, the mean temperature in Salta is 13°C (maximum temperature is 18°C and minimum temperature is 8°C). The climate is quite cold around this city in july, but it is liveable by dressing hot. Plan to cover you well! Here is an overview of popular destinations in Argentina listed from warmest to coldest.

Precipitation (Rain or Snow) If dry weather is what you’re after, the months with the lowest chance of significant precipitation in Argentina are June, July, and then August. Eventually, avoid going to Patagonia, El Calafate, Ushuaia, Río Gallegos, Bahía Blanca, Comodoro Rivadavia, Valdés and San Carlos de Bariloche that month because the climate is pretty unfavorable. The climate is quite cold around this city in this month. Is it a good time to visit Salta and Rosario? Related Questions. Iguazu Falls, on the border with Brazil, is a great spot to visit in July with average lows at 51 F and highs of 72 F. So close to the rainforest, there is always a chance of rain when visiting the falls. Tourism graph is based on Google searches for services used by tourists relative to the rest of the year. The climate is fairly fresh there in july, but it is tolerable when dressing hot.

based on average temperature and humidity from NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).

Wind in Argentina is usually moderate. Stands are filled with wooly and warm things just for those visitors who were not expecting to find winter in South America. This makes for a wide range of temperatures so you need to plan accordingly if you’re looking for sunny days or snowy slopes. Tourists are unlikely to visit Argentina in August. For July, the average low is 41 F and high is 59 F. The cold temperatures do nothing to hinder the street fairs found throughout the city. For example, on the week of July 23rd there are no days of precipitation on average. See average monthly temperatures below. It rains or snows a significant amount: 3 to 5 days per month. The average high during this season is between 87°F (30.6°C) and 81°F (27.2°C).

These months see the least precipitation with about 2 days of precipitation per month. There is a margin of error and these forecasts are to be considered as general information only. With 72mm over 15 days, rain may occur for your journey. As Latin America’s second-largest country, Argentina’s landmass is mammoth, encompassing the coastal Atlantic Ocean, undulating swaths of “pampa” grassland, and the eastern half of the rugged Andes Mountains, which cut a mighty range of snow-covered peaks and volcanoes from the epic resort Las Leñas to Cerro Castor resort in Ushuaia, Patagonia, the southernmost ski resort in the world. Spring daily highs range from 81.7°F (27.6°C) and 69.1°F (20.6°C), which will feel comfortable given the humidity and wind. Climate in Argentina in july Climate in Buenos Aires in july. Situated next to the cold water Lake Nahuel Huapi, the city offers abundant snowfall which draws many Argentines and tourists alike to enjoy holidays skiing and trekking. How is the climate in Argentina in july? In the month of july, maximum temperature is 17°C and minimum temperature is 8°C (for an average temperature of 12°C). These times of year are fairly slow with tourists. Given that July is the coldest month in this southernmost city of the world, it is no surprise that travel options revolve around glaciers, snow, skiing, and warm inside activities. Highs range from 82.3°F (27.9°C) and 61.9°F (16.6°C) with colder temperatures in the later months. Her sense of adventure took her to Buenos Aires to travel and study art.

Argentina is located close to Antartica, and therefore, near the Southern Pole. But this is pretty moderate and it will not be continuous. Considering humidity, temperatures feel nice most of the year, excluding some cold weeks in the winter, with a low chance of precipitation most of the year.

Buenos Aires rarely sees frost, and rarer still snow, but temperatures will dip into the 40’s and 50’s. The graph below shows the % chance of rainy and snowy days in Argentina. Bring a coat! The graph below shows wind speed (max and average) in knots. So you can pack your bags and check when is the best time to go to Argentina. All wind speeds are in knots. If dry weather is what you’re after, the months with the lowest chance of significant precipitation in Argentina are June, July, and then August. You will not get wet during your trip!With a correct climate, the month of july is okay (but not good time) for traveling in Salta in Argentina. warning in july the weather is different depending on the city and regions of the country.Good news: Although it is not perfect the weather in Argentina that month is good in Tilcara, Iguazú and La Rioja. I grew up in Argentina, with snow in plain sight all year round! Remember: The climate in Argentina in december ranges from perfect to tolerable depending on the region and city. This advisory was last updated on Sep 24, 2019. Daily highs (averaged for the month) usually give the best indication of the weather. Check this page for any recent changes or regions to avoid: Travel Advice and Advisories. In the month of july, the mean temperature in Buenos Aires is 12°C (maximum temperature is 15°C and minimum temperature is 10°C). Weather stations report far greater snow than most tourist destinations snow through most of the year likely to be deepest around December, especially close to early to mid December. The weather in Argentina can vary slightly from year to year, but these predictions should limit surprises. Bariloche has been called the "Argentinean Switzerland,” given the picturesque lakes and mountains that surround the city. Tourism is the second busiest during these months due to the weather, so hotels may be slightly higher priced. © 2014-2020 Des Clics Nomades SAS - All right reserved, very bad weather across 25% of the territory, tolerable weather across 35% of the territory, more information about the climate in Buenos Aires in july, more information about the climate in Cordoba in july, more information about the climate in Patagonia in july, more information about the climate in Salta in july, more information about the climate in Ushuaia in july. The area is somewhat temperate — in the 53rd percentile for pleasant weather — compared to tourist destinations worldwide. While people in the northern hemisphere are sweltering in the summertime sun, those in Argentina are bundled up for a wintertime July in the southern hemisphere. The best time to ski (if at all) in Argentina is often around around April 23rd when fresh powder is deepest. With 2.8in over 7 days, you will experience some showers throughout your trip. Skye Lucking is a freelance writer and artist.

A significantly lower mean and low generally just means it gets colder at night. The windiest month is November, followed by October and December. Please note that a value of 0 for snow in the graph below may either mean there was no snow, or that snow is unreported. The graph below shows the average % humidity by month in Argentina. Bring warm clothes! Salta is further south than Iguazu Falls and offers a drier and cooler climate. The climate is fairly cool in this location in july, but it is liveable when dressing hot. November’s average wind speed of around 8.8 knots (10.1 MPH or 16.3 KPH) is considered “a gentle breeze.” Maximum sustained winds (the highest speed for the day lasting more than a few moments) are at their highest in early November where average top sustained speeds reach 15.4 knots, which is considered a moderate breeze.

And even why not take a little time to enjoy the weather for... just be relax!If you do not go lazing in the sun, but, for example for hiking, the cities of Rosario, Salta, Mendoza, Buenos Aires, Cordoba and Mar del Plata have a decent enough weather for this kind of activity in july. Add a Comment. warning in december the weather is different depending on the city and regions of the country. The warmest time of year is generally mid January where highs are regularly around 87°F (30.6°C) with temperatures rarely dropping below 62.1°F (16.7°C) at night. By contrast, it’s most likely to rain or snow in mid February with an average of 2 days of significant precipitation the week of February 19th. Humidity and temperatures combine to make this season feel moderate. Hood National Forest, the United States. More even than in Canada, as it melts in the summer months. The lowest chance of rain or snow occurs around late July. Note that we define “significant precipitation” as .1 inches or more in this section. Harald Sund/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images. Temperatures range from average highs of 43 F and lows of 29 F. Ushuaia boasts itself as the “City at the End of the World.” It sees an average low temperature of 28 F and highs of just 39 F. The cold winds that whip off of the Antarctic waters make the area colder still. var Latitude=-34.00937307;var Longitude=-62.96042051;var rootSlug='argentina';var PlaceName='Argentina';var today = new Date();var dd = String(today.getDate()+2).padStart(2, '0');var mm = String(today.getMonth() + 1).padStart(2, '0');var yyyy = today.getFullYear();today= yyyy + '-' + mm + '-' + dd; The best times to visit Argentina for ideal weather are. June 20 th: National Flag Day.

The climate is quite cold there in july. 0 0 1 0 0 0 0. In the month of july, the mean temperature in Patagonia is 4°C (maximum temperature is 5°C and minimum temperature is 3°C).

very bad weather across 25% of the territory bad weather across 18% of the territory tolerable weather across 35% of the territory good weather across 24% of the territory. On average, it rains or snows a fair amount: 5 to 6 times per month. The destinations are displayed with objective criteria (climate, budget, activities ...) and are not related to any commercial offers.

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