(with a few boy modifications ;) ) It's a streamlined design that saves as much room as possible. Cut two 2x2s to 77 ½” long. So, on the front, I might go in from the edge 1 ½”, then start the pattern, ending up with 1 ½” left on the other end. Then, I put them all together and added the railings and bed slats. I made mine a little long (57”) because I liked the thought of it hanging off the end a little and wanted to be able to cut some off to make the end of the slide straight up and down. I wanted to leave the sides of the slide open as much as possible. Wipe project clean with damp cloth. I would suggest putting some of the supports on first and then putting it all together. Black and Decker has a free plan for a DIY loft bed that is attached on two walls and then has a simple ladder going from the floor to the bed. Stairs outer edge: Cut 1x4’s to 15 7/8”, use 4 slats Be safe, have fun, and ask for help if you need it. This is a little too tall for a small child.

I used tape and glue to put it together. (I want to warn him before he dies after seeing how much I spent on wood ;). I made the door 22” wide and 38” high in the middle. The stairs. 10” (measure to get exactly how deep you want these to be). Attach this to each of the sides. Then, I made each of the windows 4 ½ x 7 ½ with 1 inch in between. I used 1x3 instead of 1x2 at some of the intersections of pieces, just a preference. Connect the middle to the two towers so that the back of the middle is flush with the back of the two towers. Thank you Ana for all you do! Please beware I am still learning Sketchup and am far from perfect in the way it looks, but hopefully it will be enough for those who want to copy me ☺ I built this entire thing with my circular saw and a guide to make the long cuts and a miter saw. Mattress support slats. Then, I determined where the edge of the bed would be, 40 ¾” from the back of the side. Get your 1x2 boards that are 11 ½”, 12 ¼” and 15 3/4” long. Very nice job, looks great! Front right: 1x4 to 2 ¼”, use 1 slat Another tricky part for me was at the top of the slide. 2. At this point if you want to cut off some extra from the outside of the stairs, I recommend measuring up approx.

Attach the sides to the back, just like the slide sides. Always use straight boards. I did this about four times across the bed and it really helped with the support and to keep the railing from being pulled away from the wall. I drew a line straight down for 23”, then drew a line from this point to the front of the slide and made two straight cuts. I wanted there to be a lot of support since us adults wanted to be able to be up on the bed, so I placed them every 2 1/2” apart. If you want to finish this edge off, I used a 1x2 on it’s side to make a sort of railing. Thank you so much for sharing!

If you plan on going down the slide a lot yourself, you may want to make the slide wider. I build and share smart, stylish diy projects.

The final dimensions are 10' 5/8" long by 4' 9 1/4" wide, by 5' 7 1/4" high.

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