In the example, Tha e a’ smaoineachadh, there is meaning, person and tense. Take the root or command form coisich (walk).

The infinitive in Gaelic always has the particle a or a dh’ in front of it (a choiseachd – to walk; a dh’ òl – to drink). Scottish Gaelic has two different representations of "you"; one for formal situations or when speaking to someone superior or much older than you; the other for informal situations and when speaking to friends and children. The Impersonal form contrasts with the active sentence in (d) where the third person plural agent iad appears. The inflected form includes the 1st person information). Dh'fhàg mi 'n so 'na shìneadh e, 'Na shìneadh e, 'na shìneadh e; Gu'n d'fhàg mi 'n so 'na shìneadh e 'Nuair dh'fhalbh mi 'bhuain nam braoilegan.

With regular verbs in declarative context, the past tense is formed by leniting the first consonant of the imperative verb form. Forming the past and future tenses of verbs in Gaelic is straightforward on the whole. The Ogham equivalents of the Latin letters are shown below. The author of translation requested proofreading. It is worthwhile mastering these because they are very common in everyday speech. The Latin/English letter set is used, but Gàidhlig assigns its own sounds and usages to the letters. New to Gaelic? By embracing Gaelic as one of our national languages, we can offer a Cookies help us deliver our services. nach tug crios, neo brèid, neo bròg dhomh. Savage Publishers. Many are keen to connect with their Scottish roots, and Gaelic language and culture have often played a part in their family history. Tha na còraichean uile glèidhte.

Some translations I post will have been provided by someone other than me, and when that is the case it will be made clear on the pages containing those translations; if you want to copy those translations you must first obtain permission from the people who provided them, as I don't have the right to give you such permissions, and please carefully observe the rights of the authors of the original material that has been translated. a dh’ionnsaigh translation in Scottish Gaelic-English dictionary. There are ten irregular verbs in Gaelic. Most verbs in Gaelic don't have a simple present tense form, and instead use the strategies below in the present tense. after the root so gabh becomes gabhaidh. The primary exceptions are the Copula and the verb Bi (auxiliary). I'm going to organize these phonemes by Gaelic spelling, and leave it as an exercise to sort it out in ways helpful to yourself by either location or method of articulation ;-).

Below is a table outlining the root, verbal noun, infinitive, past tense and future tense of all ten irregular verbs.

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