Overall collusion between corporate power and governments will be challenged and reduced.

Our oceans and forests will no longer be placed in peril by thoughtless and unsustainable consumption. The originals can be found here . Priority 1: Re-energising the Operating Model (OM). This requires giving space and time to collaborate as part of our daily lives. This will require strengthening and better consolidation and integration of the analytical capacity across GPI departments and can also support us in being better able to step into responsive moments and deploy a disruption theory of change.

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0000005614 00000 n Priority 1: Programme Goals 2020 – 2023: In 2020 we will need to coordinate adjustment and development of global Greenpeace short term programme goals, based on our previous learnings and achievements.. We must give clarity on the requirements of Greenpeace entities and allow for swift and strategic decision-making.

0000021705 00000 n We will promote further innovation, testing, failing (forward) and learning. We will work on issues of integrity, Learning and Development as examples which will both shift our organisational culture and continue to build internal trust. H��W�s�8��G.

x�b```b``9�����)��π �@16�)@���@��E&q�L 0000005828 00000 n Increasing the opportunity for efficiencies by collaborating on resources and better communication. Private wealth will not be placed before public health. Priority 6: Decision making: We continue to improve openness and transparency around decision-making and communications around decisions, to foster understanding amongst our staff about who takes which decisions, where and what you can expect to know. Dear Greenpeace - book, teaching resources, story, cards, mat, sequencing, primary resources, play, Early Years (EYFS), KS1 & KS2 Primary Teaching Priority 5: Tailoring NRO Support: Part of the essential work, is to ensure we provide tailored NRO support based upon strong partnerships and relationships with NROs in order to fulfil our unique roles in the network. The Function of Greenpeace International (GPI) over the next 3 years. 4. We will no longer be asked if global climate change can be kept below 1.5 degrees C, because people can see we are on the way there. We will be sought out by allies to help problem solve, build capacity, keep forward momentum, share skills and latest practices. Dear Greenpeace by Simon James,Walker, ISBN 0744530601, What Can I Write?by Martin Selway, Little Fox, ISBN 0099213729. 0000002126 00000 n

The financial sector will be held to account and funding sources for destructive industries will be cut off at source. 0000009186 00000 n Coal use will be down by 30% and headed toward zero. 2. trailer <]>> startxref 0 %%EOF 70 0 obj<>stream Additional Activities Key Writing Outcomes Key Text Year 3 Term 3 Unit 3Overview . We obtain agreement across Greenpeace on the resources needed, in line with Geo-Prioritisation, to support NROs to deliver under the Framework. 0000034507 00000 n Supporting National and Regional Offices (NROs)GPI’s job is provide effective services to the NROs and systems to enable and/or support the various NROs to deliver the global programme, individually and together. 0000003606 00000 n We acknowledge the desire to encourage accountability through developing indicators to measure our success and will develop as a key next step a set of success indicators to accompany this plan. Ensure a highly effective global networkOur people are Greenpeace, we must prioritise their support and development. 3. 0000008823 00000 n Enhance organisational performance, cohesion and alignment through analysis, tracking and evaluationTo be tight on strategy means GPI must have a clear understanding of how the network of the various National and Regional organisations (“NROS”) is performing as a whole. A 100% sustainable renewable energy society will no longer be an if or even a when, but already be in motion and the clarion call for As Soon As Possible and Now, will drive disruptive change at a pace previously considered impossible. 0000021576 00000 n Oil industry sponsored politicians and cultural institutions will no longer be tolerated as the industry’s social licence is revoked all with its licence to drill. Apr 1, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Faith Owuor. We will look after our health and ecological wealth by eating and farming sustainably. Priority 3: Impact and Evaluation: GPI will apply a rigorous assessment and evaluation of the last three years of campaigning under the Framework to learn and inform the new Programme Goals. 0000005096 00000 n By 2020 we will have played our part in ensuring power systems will have passed the points of no return. Less NROs, thus should be in critical situations.

Priority 1: Open and Collaborative: We will encourage and prioritise our work that promotes collaboration with the NROs over the next three years. Written by: Jennifer Morgan, Bunny McDiarmid: International Executive Directors (IEDs) and Edwin Nichols: Executive Officer to the IEDs. 0000009829 00000 n Help direct and align the global network in delivering the FrameworkGPI’s function is to facilitate and drive the agreement of the strategic direction of the network as a whole, to identify key struggles and moments for maximum impact in defending ecological limits, changing mindsets and changing systems. Approved by the Stichting Greenpeace Council (SGC) Board, 2nd November 2017. And so much more… Growing awareness will fuel mindset shifts towards realising that only by deliberate participation we can turn the tide on increasing polarisation within societies to understand that collaboration and creativity and not competition and consumption are the twin engines of an equitable and sustainable future. The oil industry’s decline will accelerate as the people powered pedal is pressed to the metal for change. Priority 8: Effectiveness and efficiency: We have prioritised for 2018 the need to focus on our effectiveness and efficiencies, Building upon our systems and decision making we need to ensure that our processes are evaluated to ensure we avoid too much bureaucracy and remain nimble and responsive. We will be in a position to influence the outcomes. Priority 4: Impact and Learning: Building on the momentum gained through insights from systems we have created to measure and evaluate where we are having impact, we will continue to improve our learning environment for the benefit of all NROs. Our reputation in the ‘movement’ will be that of a risk taking, innovative, effective, collaborative, diverse and inclusive organisation. dear greenpeace story dear greenpeace planning dear greenpeace activities whales dear greenpeace by simon james dear green peace whale More languages Dear Student: End of Year Poem Card See more ideas about Polar bears live, Dear, Save our earth.

0000004966 00000 n 0000021447 00000 n We will celebrate our victories as calls to further action. Priority 5: With tailored support of NROs as the norm, and peer to peer support as a common practice, NROs would now be receiving the support they need from across GPI in a smooth and coordinated fashion. 0000009873 00000 n 0000002959 00000 n

Together with the NROs we are a global network and it is a core function of GPI to ensure that the manner in which we work together is fit for purpose. 0000004769 00000 n By clicking “Got it!” you agree to our. We will contribute to all of these transformations in a way that provides a just transition for workers and communities, where the focus is on the wellbeing of people and the planet’s health, achieving greater equity among genders, races and classes (both social and economic) and where the benefits of inclusion, diversity and innovation are enjoyed by more than just those at the top. Mar 19, 2015 - Explore Emma McGurk's board "Dear Greenpeace Unit Year 1" on Pinterest. GPI management will work together with the GPI Board to deliver what the NROs need in an effective and collaborative manner, fulfilling each of our roles so that together we are stronger. We aim to ensure accountability across Greenpeace International by improving our performance management, strengthen our middle management layers, ensuring a strong SMT and ensure matrix management is becoming more the practice and behaviour. Priority 4: Analytics for campaign impact: Understanding our global campaign impact and how people are responding to us through social media and polling are critical and in 2018 we will strengthen our systems for measuring where our impact and support is making the changes in the world we want to see. Priority 7: Leadership and Management: Across GPI and NROs we need to ensure strong, independent leadership that serves our mission and inspires and supports individual creativity at the same time. We will increase our adeptness in both cultural and responsive theories of change. 0000004834 00000 n Priority 2: Global Resource Plan.

Our work will be part of broad global and local conversations around the world we want to create – the social values, and our relationship with nature.

We will invite our supporters and partners to share their stories of courage. 0000004877 00000 n Unless otherwise stated, the copy of the website is licensed under a CC-BY International License, We use cookies to enhance your experience. We will do so with our largest ‘people powered’ crews ever. Discover (and save!) Priority 3: Re-energising our Operating Model we will create space for honest and open conversations with GPI and NROs to take up roles, responsibilities and leadership that stay true to our objectives and focus on creating the right balance between enabling versus doing, and ensuring our resources and money are fairly distributed according to our agreed geo-prioritization and global campaign priorities.

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