The appearance of a crust or tiny crystals on the glass rod shows that the crystallisation point has been reached. Upon cooling, opaque white crystals of benzoic acid crystallise. Wait for some time for benzoic acid to recrystallise from the solution. Dissolve 0.8g of CuSO4.5H20 in about 8 mL of water and add 1-2 drops about 6 mL H2SO4 to it. Don’t allow the solution in the dish to boil. Filter, wash these crystals and let it dry. Let us learn to know the process of Purification of Compounds by Crystallization of Impure Sample. Click on the ‘Next’ button to go to the next process. Does the process of crystallization is affected by increasing the temperatures, What is the shape of copper sulphate crystals formed?triclinic shape, What is the colour of benzoic acid crystals formed? Pour the solution into the funnel over a glass rod and collect the filtrate in a china dish. We can now click on the ‘Next’ button to go to the next process. Transfer the crystals to another filter paper and dry them by pressing gently between the folds of the filter paper. The purity of the acid after single recrystallization from benzene was 99.987%, with a relative standard deviation of 0.005%, and was higher by only 0.006% Fig. H. Drag the beaker towards the funnel to filter the copper sulphate solution. The crystallization process itself helps in the purification because as the crystals form, they select the correct molecules, which fit into the crystal lattice and ignore the wrong molecules. Fix a fluted filter paper into the funnel and filter the hot solution into a beaker. There are various methods for the purification of substances, e.g., filtration, evaporation, decantation, distillation, and crystallization. It is highly soluble in hot water, but poorly soluble in cold water. Wait for some time for the copper sulphate to recrystallise from the solution. We can click on the ‘Next’ button to go to the next process. Wait for some time for potash alum to recrystallise from the solution. Heat the solution for a while and filter it using a filtration unit. Fix a filter paper in a funnel that is clamped to a stand and separate the crystals by filtration. Make a clear solution of benzoic acid by dissolving 0.5g of the benzoic acid sample in about 8 mL of water. Drag the beaker out of the water trough to place it back. Drag the spatula containing copper sulphate towards the beaker containing distilled water and drop it in. The insoluble impurities are left in the filter paper as residue. Preparation of solution . Drag the measuring cylinder containing conc. To redo the experiment, click on the ‘Reset’ button. Purification of compounds is done using various methods like evaporation, decantation, filtration, distillation, and crystallization. Now cool it by placing it in a cold water trough. After about half an hour, the crystallisation is complete. While constantly stirring, gradually add a minimum quantity of boiling water just sufficient to dissolve the benzoic acid. If crust is formed, it can be dissolved in the solution by removing it with the glass rod. Decant the mother liquor carefully into a beaker. Take about 150 ml of distilled water in the beaker and boil the water over a Bunsen burner by placing the beaker over a piece of wire gauze placed over a tripod stand.

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