Let me know how things turned out xx.

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Australia . Hi Amy, I read your comment and got busy updating this post! In the end, each cake except Betty Crocker was done after the allotted 26 minutes.

Dietary and Lifestyle. And here’s a fun baking fact – frosting and icing are actually different things, even though the words are often used interchangeably.

Even though it’s frosting I want, I still want to the cake to taste good and be lazy.

Next time you’re in the boxed cake section of a grocery store, you can trust the (probably cheaper) store brand of boxed “Devil’s Food” cake over a ritzier name. Just saying, in case it affects your decorating choices.

So wins all the way round!

500g cardboard box: 298 x 130 x 49 mm.

Can we do it?

Serves: 10. Since I wanted cupcakes, I lined a 12 cup muffin tin with paper liners and divided the mix evenly between them.

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Country of origin . Box mixes are designed for beginner cooks and seasoned pro’s alike. I don’t get the science of baking so not sure why or if it’s supposed to be like that?

Here's what it was like. So thrilled you found me along the way. Plus cupcakes remind us of those childhood parties where we had to wait to stuff ourselves with brightly coloured cake that we can hold in our hands. I love this Sarah!

Betty Crocker’s, as noted earlier, was a slightly more “wet” consistency, and was also beginning to bubble more (similar to the way pancake mix does when you let it sit).

Have you tried letting the cake cool in the pan before turning out?

Now you know! The product can be returned to the place of purchase for a full refund.

Please turn on JavaScript and try again. Orange Poppyseed Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting, Chocolate Caramel Coma Cake with Toasted Marshmallow Topping, Recipe: Glazed Donut Cupcakes {Coles Cake Mix Hack}, Recipe: Gingerbread Cookie Cake {Delicious & Super Easy}, Recipe: Orange Poppyseed Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting {Coles Packet Cake Mix Hack}, Halloween Recipe: Easy Black Cat Sandwich Cookies. Not by a long shot! They are single serving, so you don’t have to worry about if you cut the piece too big or too small. The Duncan Hines and Best Yet mixes were noticeably lumpier, and took some extra elbow grease when it came to whisking.

Even from scratch bakeries tend to offer only vanilla, chocolate and a sponge. Sorry I know this is an old pos but did you use sour cream as well as the milk? Product name. 50.

I am all about saving time in the kitchen! Brands exclusive to Coles. Thanks so much. Here in Australia, I know a lot of people are partial to the Coles vanilla or chocolate cake mixes (in the soft packet) because it’s pretty good and at only .75c a packet, it’s a bargain!

Essentials Cake Vanilla Mix 340g Preparation Time: 10 minutes. It was noticeably lumpier, though, and had an uneven rise. Package description and size. If you are making a full sized cake, pour the lot into a greased and lined 20cm or 8” round tin and cook as directed on the pack.

Of course, we eat with our eyes first. Making cake from scratch is pretty quick and easy, so that’s what I usually do. Fabulous recipes (and hacks) for time-poor mums like me, thank you! Home; About Coles; Brands exclusive to Coles Our customers are our focus, and we work hard to deliver products that provide the best quality and best value solutions. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

First time vanilla bean paste user (usually too stingey) – just licking out the bowl was heaven. The Best Yet batter looked promising and standard as far as cake mixes go.

All four cake mixes required three eggs, but different amounts of oil and water. Once iced, defrost in the fridge.

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