One thing which stood out in this series is its incredible soundtrack. Anmol tries to save his younger son and requests his elder son to take all the blame. Your email address will not be published. Class of 2020 Season 3 (Finale) Trailer Review, All Episodes Release Date... Palak Singh is romancing a young teenager as she will be seen as having an extramarital affair with a young boy. Toto plans to surprise Aalia in the party. Since that year, she has never participated in the annual sports day. The release date of Class 2020 hasn’t finalized yet, but it is sure that the web series will drop onto ALT Balaji and Zee 5 in a few days. It is a sequel to Class of 2017, which was a youth-based series, showcased the lives of teenagers who get intertwined with drugs, sex, peer pressure and anxiety. Class of 2020 Web Series | Trailer | Teaser | Promo, Class of 2020 Web Series (2020) Box Office Collection, Class of 2020 Web Series (2020) on ALT Balaji, Class of 2020 Web Series (2020) Release Date, Class of 2020 Web Series (2020) Watch Online, Nair San Malayalam Movie (2020) Cast, Crew, Trailer, Songs, Release Date & More, Baaram Tamil Movie (2020) Cast, Crew, Trailer, Songs, Story, Release Date & More. Life is tough when you are 16, can these eight teens attain adulthood unharmed? Watch Online (TVlogy) The ALT Balaji series which is created and produced by Vikas Gupta’s Lost Productions is a teenage drama around a bunch of friends. A hurt Aalia accepts Toto's proposal, but with a condition. Zoey catches Ibrahim making out with another girl. Ranchi and Ibrahim announce to the class about their reunion and throw a grand party to celebrate it. Class of 2020 spins your senses and takes you back to your high school days with its cheeky story of affection, love, rivalry, and friendship. Complete Season in One File Zip Archive GDToT: S02 Complete 480p GDriveS02 Complete 720p GDrive, Episode 01-04 GDriveEpisode 05-08 GDriveEpisode 09-11 GDriveEpisode 12-16 GDriveEpisode 17-19 GDriveEpisode 20-21 GDriveEpisode 22-26 GDriveEpisode 27-28 GDriveEpisode 29-30 GDriveEpisode 31 Finale Part 01 GDriveEpisode 32 Finale Part 02 GDrive, Episode 01-04Episode 05-08Episode 09-11Episode 12-16Episode 17-19Episode 20-21Episode 22-26Episode 27-28Episode 29-30Episode 31 Finale Part 01Episode 32 Finale Part 02, Episode 01 GDriveEpisode 02 GDriveEpisode 03 GDriveEpisode 04 GDriveEpisode 05 GDriveEpisode 06 GDriveEpisode 07 GDriveEpisode 08 GDriveEpisode 09 GDriveEpisode 10 GDriveEpisode 11 GDriveEpisode 12 GDriveEpisode 13 GDriveEpisode 14 GDriveEpisode 15 GDriveEpisode 16 GDriveEpisode 17 GDriveEpisode 18 GDriveEpisode 19 GDriveEpisode 20 GDriveEpisode 21 GDriveEpisode 22 GDriveEpisode 23 GDriveEpisode 24 GDriveEpisode 25 GDriveEpisode 26 GDriveEpisode 27 GDriveEpisode 28 GDriveEpisode 29 GDriveEpisode 30 GDriveEpisode 31 Finale Part 01 GDriveEpisode 32 Finale Part 02 GDrive, Your email address will not be published. The party was just the beginning of all the troubles. Class of 2020 is a Hindi Language Web Series of 2020. The year 2018 had a lot in store for the students of De Nobili High. Her mother warns her of serious consequences if she ever tries to talk to Aalia again. So, you can get new articles coming to you. Lucky is dejected. Its annual sports day 2020.

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