May 2013 The Campbell River hump to the light house tack an hour before and after tide change has been really good lately.

December 2013 May 2017 May 2011.

The deeper water, 200ft plus, around the … FishingBooker uses cookies to improve your site experience. June 2015 June 2017 Campbell River BC, Canada • Member since April 2019 I was introduced to fishing at a very young age by my parents who are both avid fishermen.

May 2018 September 2013 Fishing was a religion in my family. June 2015 August 2014

August 2015 January 2015

July 2016 In the past week we also had the chance to see killer whales a few times. By the time I was 6, I owned my first boat. November 2017 December 2012 January 2015

November 2012 I’ve started my salmon fishing season on April 1st this year and since then I’ve gone fishing 42 times.

June 2014

By continuing, you consent to our use of cookies. March 2013 By the time I was 6, I owned my first boat.

September 2013

Member since April 2019. April 2014

The ebb tide drift at the Campbell river hump has been on fire to say the least the last few weeks.

May 2014 May 2011. June 2017 April 2015 June 2012 September 2012 July 2019 August 2014 It's mid August in the Northern Strait of Georgia and the Chinook fishing is great! July 2013

May 2015 September 2014 March 2014 June 2011 July 2013 downstream of the confluence with the Quinsam River… May 2016

September 2014

All: Aug 01 to Oct 31: No fishing for salmon.

June 2012

Whale sightings are also frequent this year with lots of Humpback attracted by all the bait fish around. May 2017

January 2013 July 2014

November 2012 March 2014 I spent countless summers in northern Quebec fishing for Walleye, Pike, Gray Trout, and Brook Trout.

August 2015 Campbell River & Comox May fishing report, June Campbell River / Comox fishing report. July Campbell River fishing report. December 2013 April 2018 © 2020 May 2012 Some days we caught and released over 20 Chinooks. February 2014 May 2014

September 2012 Dec 14, 2019 | 2019 Fishing Report, Fishing Report Just a quick update on local fishing. My father and I would spend the year preparing for the next summer fishing trip that often lasted more than a month. May 2012

August 2013 July 2016 April 2012 March 2018

March 2013

July 2019 In 2015, I was finally able to purchase the boat of my dreams (Kingfisher 2825) and got to explore the waters surrounding beautiful Vancouver Island with my family. July 2014

At the age of 25, I moved to British Columbia to become a professional Salmon fisherman.

I’ve got at least 1 Chinook salmon every time I went out. All rights reserved. April 2013

June 2013

Campbell River: from a fishing boundary sign at the end of Maple Street downstream to the fishing boundary sign at the cement block. April 2014 April 2018

Campbell River BC, Canada  • 

June 2013 November 2014 December 2012

2019 is turning out to be one of the best fishing season we’ve seen in a long time! I've also participated in many fishing derbies throughout the years and won the 1st prize for Chinook Salmon at the Nootka Marine Adventures Derby in 2016. February 2014

January 2013 Piles of herring are keeping these Chinook …

November 2017 November 2014 May 2018

April 2012

Now that I have been to many prime destinations around the Island and fished countless hours in these waters, I want to share my passion for fishing with you. August 2013 May 2016 July 2020 The number of salmon around is simply staggering. May 2013

July 2020 June 2014 July 2012 July 2012

April 2015 April 2013 March 2018 July Campbell River fishing report.

French Creek, Kitty Coleman and Campbell River have both been reporting excellent fishing for Winter Springs.

I was introduced to fishing at a very young age by my parents who are both avid fishermen. May 2015

June 2011

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