Canoe landing is excellent. Check fire restrictions just before starting your trip. Navigation and Maps Gear. Some trip options wtih additional portages. Some trip options available with additional portages. Trip options for paddlers with additional portages. [CDATA[ */ maximum). 13 miles of trail accesses 4 lakes. For more information, please contact the Kawishiwi Wilderness Station in Ely at 218-365-7561. (see below for a list of entry points and their daily quota) It is important to note that permit reservations are well underway by mid-January so early trip planning is essential, especially if you have a large group and require multiple permits. Across the road from the Stuart River entry point. The glory of canoeing the Boundary Waters is that you can adjust your route as you go! Ely, MN 55731 For more information, please call the Gunflint Ranger Station in Grand Marais at (218)387-1750. Access is a boat landing at Fall Lake. Many trip options with additional portages.

Some trip options with additional portages. Storm impacted areas. Enter from Crane Lake.

Instead, pick out an two or three entries that sound good to you and let us know why you think they would be a good match for your group. For more information, please call the LaCroix Ranger District in Cook at 218-666-0020. Groups may then work the border lakes heading north, then west, and finally south to exit at Nina Moose River (the reverse route listed above: 6-7 days). For more information, please call the Gunflint Ranger Station in Grand Marais at (218)387-1750 McKenzie Maps 2, #66 Crocodile River Method of travel is paddle. For more information, please call the Gunflint Ranger Station in Grand Marais at (218)387-1750. Grand Marais on Hwy. Access is a 480 rod portage to the Stuart River. Below is important entry permit information and to the right is a map of all the BWCA entry points … Use only after EP #54 is full. Access is a canoe landing at Lake One. ▫ How to plan a trip Storm impacted areas. It is one of the easiest routes to paddle as the portages along the border are short. Huge lake with many campsites and easy access.

McKenzie Maps 5, 6, #58 South Lake Method of travel is paddle.

This is the primary reason many parties avoid this area. 1-800-777-8574

A scenic highlight is Devil’s Cascade: a deep gorge with the Indian Sioux River spilling from one level to the next for several hundred yards.

For more information, please call the Gunflint Ranger Station in Grand Marais at (218)387-1750. By far, the single most important factor when it comes to deciding on a canoe route is the people you will be going with. The rule of thumb is to plan one out of five days as a weather day. Storm impacted areas.

Boundary Waters Outfitters will reserve all the permits for your group. At the end of the Brule Lake Road. Several trip options available with additional portages. Because it is so lightly used, wildlife is in good supply: moose, deer, beavers, otters, owls, etc.

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