2020-10-30 22:36:54 UTC. We need childcare in my local area so I support.

It takes more than 25 - 30 minutes to drive from Woolworths on Glenwood Park Drive to Maimi Street in the morning peak hours (Pre-covid) which is only 1.5km through Glenwood park drive. Blacktown NSW 2148

The development has been subject to a lot of public debate with questions as to why the NSW Government are demolishing a functioning stadium instead of upgrading the stadium at a fraction of the cost. Glenwood House is a beautiful property, but it is not an example of 1860's built, I saw original pictures of this building taken 1900 I don't even recognise the current structure. This Two storey houses built in 1853 from the Victorian era are rare in Blacktown and it is the ONLY ONE in GLENWOOD. email server of We realise that the planning and building process can be daunting but we have a dedicated team who can assist you with understanding our development controls and lodging your development application or applying for a construction or complying development certificate. This comment was successfully delivered to the email server of Whether it is turning rural land into residential or low density to high density. at The developer cannot guarantee this. We take some time to explain what a complying development is and the steps you need to take to obtain a CDC through a private certifier. Development Control Plans (DCP's), codes, policies and engineering guidelines are non-statutory planning documents.

Please consider using this "HERITAGE BUILDING" as something else rather then a childcare centre. 2020-10-30 04:27:57 UTC. Also if the centre space big enough can have before and after care it can have more beneficial for the community so why not, This comment was successfully delivered to the at Traffic situation is worst between 7:00am to 9:15am every morning and same in the afternoon. This comment was successfully delivered to the There is no guarantee that this building would not get ruined should it be turned into a childcare. at Glenwood only has 4 Medical centre with long queue at Glenwood Medical Centre all the time of the month so contrary to Childcare demand this suburb needs a new medical centre and that is what council should consider subject to preservation of heritage fabric. Traffic study must consider future development around Glenwood in particular planned development for Parklea market.

After Hours Emergency: 1300 133 491 at In addition Glenwood has number of Family day care available with empty places, so lack of places in childcare in Glenwood is fake. Blacktown City Council Developer comments here also suggested that "converting this building into childcare would enrich culture and value in to our kids" is like teaching kids that how you can change history with DA application and fake comments.

Who will be responsible for any damage or repairs should this building get damaged? There are also plenty of families who do childcare drop off and pick up around other school hours so suggesting traffic will not be moving around here at the same time is incorrect. There is plenty of childcare centres within Glenwood already. So someone's suggestion that people drop kids early morning before 7:30am is also not only factually wrong but also lacks knowledge about how & when parents drop kids at childcare. So it pays to ensure your. Granny flats, or secondary dwellings as they are known as in the Planning world, can allow home owners to keep parents or adult children close by while giving them their own space.

Blacktown City Council email server of Heritage Impact Statements are essential for any development involving a heritage item or heritage conservation area. Our local experience and knowledge means that all of our Development Applications for.

203 (the Act), Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000 (Regulation), Blacktown Development Control Plan 2015 (BDCP 2015). If given a choice would there be any better usage of our culture and value enriched heritage buildings than for educating and nurturing our beautiful children. at email server of The CPP provides a single reference point on planning and development community engagement.

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