The banana inflorescence (flowering stalk) is produced 10 to 15 months after planting, by this time 26 to 32 leaves have been produced. The genus includes flowering plants producing edible bananas and plantains. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Despite its usefulness, the genome-base nomenclature system has been only partly adopted; to some extent because of difficulties in assigning cultivars to a group and subgroup, but also because many scientists, journal editors and online index continue to use  Latin binomials for banana cultivars.

Banana flowers), The ProMusa website is licensed under the, The taxonomy and origins of the cultivated bananas, Modernizing Simmonds and Shepherd’s legacy, The nomenclature system of cultivated bananas,, Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT. - Sharing information, expertise, and technologies - Discounted participation in international conferences - Participation in human resource development programs, Back to > Major Fruits | Minor Fruits | Underutilized Fruits, Table 2. Fact Check: What Power Does the President Really Have Over State Governors? Inside the ripe fruit, the flesh ranges from starchy to sweet, and in color from white, cream, yellow, or yellow-orange to orange (see picture below). Bananas have two nomenclature systems: one for the seeded species of banana and one for the seedless edible bananas. Bananas are grown in more than 100 countries, and India is the leading producer. All banana cultivars have the same type of inflorescence (or ‘bunch’). Genotypes are classified by the genome composition, that is, the expression of M. acuminata and M. balbisiana characteristics (Dessert banana , some cooking and beer bananas are categorized as AAA, plantains as AAB, and cooking bananas as ABB. The fruit apex is important in variety identification; it may be tapered, rounded, or blunt. Bananas are highly nutritious and an excellent source of vitamins, fiber, manganese and potassium.

In dry, shallow, or rocky soils, roots of Musa may not compete well; otherwise, Musa is an average to good competitor. The flowers spring in great spikes from the center of the crown of leaves and are arranged in whorl-like clusters along the spike. Common cultivated bananas are sterile usually triploid (3n) with three sets of chromosomes triploid and they are products of ancient hybridization between diploid and tetraploid species. Leaves are spirally arranged and may grow to 2.7 meters long and 60 cm wide and each plant has 8 to 12 leaves.

Plantain and cooking /beer banana require some form of processing, whereas dessert banana is eaten raw when ripe. . The average weight of a banana is 125 grams, with roughly 75 percent being water. The banana fruit technically is a berry, seedless (parthenocarpic) sterile triploid and some are fertile and can set seed. The system eliminated the difficulties and inconsistencies of a taxonomy based on Musa paradisiaca and Musa sapientum2 Powered by WordPress. Genome groups are further subdivided into subgroups of cultivars that are closely related to each other and as a result share a number of defining traits. Advertisement. Retrieved on 2007-09-18.,, “Tracing antiquity of banana cultivation in Papua New Guinea”, Example: Musa AAA (Cavendish subgroup) 'Robusta'. Cultivated varieties are typically seedless. Your email address will not be published. As the banana plants are normally tall and fairly sturdy they are often mistaken for trees, but their main or upright stem is actually a pseudostem (literally “fake stem”). The banana inflorescence shoots out from the heart in the tip of the stem, is at first a large, long oval, tapering, purple-clad bud. Musa fruits are variable in size, shape, and color. The informal nomenclature system for edible bananas forgoes Latin names. The main genome groups are: AA, AB, AAA, AAB and ABB. The cultivated banana is often listed in botanical references as Musa x paradisiaca (Musaceae), although it is actually a complex hybrid derived from two diploid Asian species, M. acuminata and M. balbisiana. . Virtual workshop series on “Safeguarding the Banana Industry from Fusarium Wilt: Research Updates and Opportunities in Asia Pacific”, Phytosanitary Requirements for Selected Tropical Fruits, USA: Coronavirus is about to hit banana supplies next, CAMBODIA: First banana shipment to China on the way. Designed using Magazine News Byte Premium. The banana leaves consists of a long, tube like structure called a sheath, a stout petiole (leaf stalk) and a lamina blade. The flower of the banana also known as “Banana blossom” or “Banana heart”. Scientific name of banana Bananas have two nomenclature systems : one for the seeded species of banana and one for the seedless edible bananas . The naming of wild species follows the formal scientific system of giving each species a two-part Latin name (the first part identifies the genus to which the species belongs — Musa in the case of bananas — and the second part the species). Required fields are marked *. Musa clones with short internodes are called ‘dwarf’ cultivars. They are clustered in whorled double rows along the floral stalk, each cluster covered by a thick, waxy, hood like bract, purple outside and deep red within. .

Plants have numerous (200–500) fibrous roots. very small pseudo-stems (2.54 cm – 30.48 cm tall) that develop into either sword or water suckers. As it opens, the slim nectar-rich, tubular, toothed, white flowers appear. False Horn plantain (also called ‘Macho’, ‘Harton’), completeness of inflorescence at maturity, presence of neutral flowers and male bud at maturity. Bananas are grown in more than 100 countries, and India is the leading producer. The edible bananas of the world belong to the Eumusa section of the genus. Seeds of Musa balbisiana, parent of many commercial edible banana varieties, are dark brown, ovoid, about 4 mm (0.2 in) long, with a conspicuous white, powdery endosperm. The tight packing of numerous sheaths that fuse at petiole bases forms the pseudo-stem. small pseudo-stems (30.48 cm – 121.92 cm tall) with narrow leaves. Plantain and cooking/beer banana are easily distinguished from dessert banana by their method of consumption. To find out more about cookies, see our, Search on Musapedia page names (e.g. The name "banana" comes from an Arabic word meaning "finger.". Most species of banana originated in southeast Asia. The skin is thin and tender to thick and leathery, and silver, yellow, green, or red in color. Plantain and banana cultivars evolved by natural hybridization between the two species.

Some varieties have a thin peel and are more susceptible to damage in transport, whereas others have a comparably thicker peel (the Fe‘i variety ‘Karat’ and others, for example). In well drained, deep, and fertile soils, roots may extend 1.5 m deep and 4.9 m laterally. Recognizing the limitations of the current system, some ProMusa and MusaNet members are discussing aligning Simmonds and Shepherd's genome-based nomenclature system with the International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants as part of an effort to have it formally recognized3

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