Clay eventually realized that Vidic was using these genetic memories to discover the locations of the Pieces of Eden in the modern era.

The multiplayer aspect has its own plot from the Templar perspective. Keep doing this until you reach the next scene. NOTE: You can now send assassins on missions via Mediterranean Defense, but first you need more. History According to Assassin's Creed – Conspiracy Theorist's Paradise. Bribe the Heralds, as the game instructs and then head for Yusuf. Use Eagle Sense to follow Manuel's trail through the conflicted area.

100% Synch Requirement: Get in and out of the port without being detected. In the next area with guards, kill the two nearby guards before dropping down.

Suddenly, Desmond is approached by Jupiter, a member of the First Civilization.

NOTE: There are only three guards that walk near haystacks, so you will need to lure more nearby to a haystack by letting their indicator blink red and then jump into a haystack so they will investigate. Those who played the Assassin's Creed Brotherhood multiplayer received the courtesan, a character who also appeared in the multiplayer for Brotherhood. You should eventually be directly above your target. Use the keys and rotate them to follow the lines already there. Time to learn about Den Defense. This is an easy chapter, simply escort your men to the gates and kill any enemies by holding down the attack button to unleash the power of the apple. While Janissaries will leave you alone, the Elites will not. [38] A third teaser clip for the game showed the city of Constantinople, which hints at it being the setting for the game.

All of the data collected was transmitted to a central vault, where the data was tested.

The multiplayer function is protected by the Uplay Passport system on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360,[12] which requires a code for access. Although you start the game with once building of each type, it will quickly become a hassle to go all the way back to the same one. Upon hearing Jupiter's words, Desmond awakens from his coma and finds Rebecca and William standing with him, along with Shaun, who has returned from Rome.

Detection after the kill is okay.

Kill them with Poison Darts.

This does not mean you can keep it forever, as the Templars can take it over at any time after Memory 4 in Sequence 03. When you reach the bottom, use Eagle Sense of the far right door. Chase the sentinel around until your apprentice kills him.

The next part is pretty linear and the camera will show you where to go. It includes all side quests, such as the rebuilding of Constantinople, Templar Dens, Den Defense, recruiting assassins, Mediterranean Defense, Challenges, all secret locations, equipment stats, shops, multiplayer info, and Desmonds Journey. "[65], VideoGamer gave the game a rating of 7 out of 10, stating "So, for the first time, a new Assassin's Creed game is worse than its predecessor, the first time the short development period has had a noticeable impact on the game's quality.

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