After the Water Availability and Meter Request Application process and the Water Letter of Commitment have been issued, a professional civil engineer is required to design the water line by using the guidelines in City of Asheville Water Resources Design and Construction Manual of the City of Asheville Water Resources Standard Detailsmanual. As the lake level rises, extra volume will be contained within the two spillways. It will be water in, water out, like the dam wasn’t even there. "The tropical storms and flooding that followed in 2004 caused a water transmission line failure that resulted in a water outage to all Asheville customers for more than 2 weeks. Our vision is that the Water Resources Department will be the innovative leader in the water utility industry.

The customer service call center is open and will continue to answer and respond to calls. Principal spillway chute overlay is complete. Based on your ZIP code, we need to know your street address so we can customize your experience. Work will pause Sept. 4 – 7 for the Labor Day holiday. Due to excessive amounts of rain in 2018 and winter 2020 the North Fork Dam Improvement Project has been somewhat delayed. Summer 2017 – Bid the construction work for the North Fork Reservoir Spillway and Embankment Improvement Project. Trucks will travel along previously used haul route. The department will do this in the following ways: The 2019 Annual Water Quality Report is available. View a list of water consumption charges for various types of activities, as well as information on other water fees. At their Sept. 22 meeting, Asheville City Council authorized the City Manager to execute an agreement with Cavanaugh and Associates to develop, facilitate and complete the Request for Proposals process for selection of an “advanced metering infrastructure system.”    Please join us at 6:30 p.m. Aug. 17 as well as anytime afterward to view the presentation.

I think we’re going to be fine. As crews work to bring the new Asheville combined-cycle natural gas plant online in late 2019, some construction activities could be more noticeable to locals. According to 2019 estimates, the city's population was 92,870. The work is interior to our site and is not expected to impact neighbors, though some may see lights or hear machinery in the distance. Using the concept of continuous improvement, the department accepts the challenges of providing regional customers with water to enhance their quality of life, serving as stewards over the most vital of all natural resources, and empowering department employees to meet customer needs by providing the finest drinking water in the United States at competitive prices. The city was criticized by Biltmore Village area merchants last May for waiting too long to release water into the Swannanoa River during heavy rains, which they said might have contributed to excessive flooding in the area. Ongoing excavation work in the cove area of the 1982 ash basin. VIDEO: Asheville's John B. Lewis Soccer Complex is underwater again, “Based on what we have coming into the reservoir now, we’re going to let it fill up, and that way we can hold all that water off from coming down.”.

He said he believes the reservoir, which holds the drinking water for Asheville, might start overtopping a little bit at midnight, but the speed at which the water is entering the lake, 500 cubic feet per second, has slowed down considerably from earlier in the day. The plant started serving customers in June 1964. This information has allowed the City’s consulting engineers to simulate a variety of possible scenarios for extreme storm events. That’s a mouthful but what it means is that the [...], On March 13, in response to the COVID-19 public health emergency, Asheville Water Resources suspended all water account disconnections due to non-payment of City of Asheville combined utility bills. Planned modifications at North Fork Reservoir include: The bid for construction services was awarded in October 2017 to the contractor Phillips & Jordan, and construction is set to begin this winter. Hopefully it’s going down now,” Melton said. The City adopted a temporary Flood Operations Plan. Inundation maps are planning tools that illustrate a worst-case scenario and depict the areas that could be impacted in the unlikely event of a complete dam failure.

The dates of the tie-ins are April 24 for the 24-inch, and May 2 for the first 36-inch. With so many people, businesses and industries dependent upon this critical natural resource, special care and proactive measures need to be taken to ensure our water source and infrastructure are protected. This includes multiple water lines along bustling South Tunnel Road, which will be transferred to a newer larger existing waterline; 950 lineal feet of water line on Brevard Road; and other projects, including two residential areas in Buncombe [...], Coming your way in 2021: smart water meters.

Fusegates were completed in eight (8) weeks in the spring of 2019. To receive emergency texts directly from Buncombe County for breaking health and safety news text BCALERT on your smartphone to 888-777. Building highly efficient natural gas plants is also part of the company's balanced approach to providing customers reliable and increasingly clean energy. Please join us at 6:30 p.m. Aug. 17 as well as anytime afterward to view the presentation.

Find out about sewerage services provided by Metropolitan Sewerage District (MSD), and how to ask questions and find additional information. Buncombe County and resources: National Weather Service   National Weather Service Map. Help the Asheville Citizen Times continue to provide in-depth reporting like this. The project will complete in 2022. The North Fork Reservoir and Water Treatment Plant serve as the City’s primary drinking water source, providing 70% of Asheville’s water. With so many people, businesses and industries dependent upon this critical natural resource, special care and proactive measures need to be taken to ensure our water source and infrastructure are protected. The city struggled to communicate information on the service disruption and possible health effects to residents related to both the North Fork break and an unrelated outage in the River Arts District. Improvements to water lines near North Fork Dam are behind the possible discoloration, city spokeswoman Polly McDaniel stated in an April 23 news release. The Water Resources Department will continue to provide clean, safe drinking water throughout this event.

Water / run-off collection system is complete on the main dam. It is the principal city in the four-county Asheville metropolitan area, with a population of 424,858 in 2010. Removing water and permanently closing basins, work that is already planned or underway, adds an additional margin of safety. The water department has maintained certification for over 15 years, showing that our commitment to protect the environment continues to be a priority for our department. Of note, the property received over 90 inches of precipitation in 2018, causing construction delays. The customer service call center is open and will continue to answer … "This week and next, the city of Asheville is making significant water transmission line improvements near the North Fork Dam. Crews at the Asheville combined-cycle project are removing rock by drilling 10- to 20- feet into the ground to prepare the site for the new natural gas plant. In 2004, the City of Asheville Water Resources Department became the first ISO 14001 certified water utility in North Carolina, proving that we had implemented practices and procedures to do our part to protect the environment.

On August 17, the City will posted a pre-recorded presentation about this project that provides an overview of the dam improvements and answers the questions submitted. We take the responsibility of protecting our watershed seriously, which is why most of the land is preserved in conservation easements, protected from development and pollution. These models and design parameters are required by the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality, Dam Safety, of all regulated dams.

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