Last Night On Earth (Live at Foro Sol Autodromo, Mexico City 12/3/1997)

Four of the remixes are new and previously unreleased. Appears it has a place…already. They should have put the b-sides on the 2CD instead of the live stuff. (Remixes don’t appeal to me.) U2 ’s tenth studio album and third masterpiece, All That You Can’t Leave Behind, is all about the simple melding of craft and song. In A Little While, Wild Honey

I think I’ll wait for the pallet loads to appear at my local car boot sale some time in the next few years!

A few exceptions but outside of AB, almost 0. They will remind you that they were huge before Bono choose the Messiah instead the MacPhisto persona. A very important piece of the commercial U2 puzzle. I could not agree more with most of the comments here about the included content, the lack of love for ‘Pop’, the turning point in creative output etc. At their age I thought they’d be wanting to crank out a lot more music, and get away from the traditional album & tour cycle. First of all where’s the “pop” and “Rattle And Hum” special editions?

To be fair, it’s a very good album, apart from the dull “Stuck in a moment” dross BUT I’m very disappointed we have not yet had a “Pop” SDE. The airport also gave us the idea of creating little information signs and logos, something that might be universally understood – a series of icons to represent the album. “But this was a chance to explore a different representation of the band, another way of creating a visual legacy. No one does that…, All Underworld CD box set re-issues came with download codes. Disappointing and lazy not to include a different live show than has already officially released. bad news – £85 for 5 CDs Best to do a few seconds worth of research before indulging in the inevitable cynical jibes ;). Just got the box set preordered at $185 USD from Amazon UK. POP MART was massive. Some of the songs are other artists work eg Falling at Your Feet is from a Daniel Lanois project. I saw this tour & it was excellent to see them so close in an Arena. Beautiful Day (The Perfecto Mix), In A Little While (Nightmares on Wax Remix) Even a 3cd set, along the same lines of Bowie’s station to station reissue from a few years back, would be better (and shift more units) than this rubbish. All That You Can't Leave Behind (20th Anniversary Edition / Deluxe / Remastered 2020), Beautiful Day (Live From The FleetCenter, Boston, MA, USA / 2001), Stay (Faraway, So Close!) Its been well publicised for years that they over-analyse and tweak stuff to the nth degree in a quest for perfection, whilst struggling to agree on stuff, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that their re-releases end up like this.

I loved ATYCLB when it was released. This restlessness reached a high point in 1997, when U2 released Pop, an album dipped in club music and dead set on ironic kicks. This is the best critique so far on this thread. Plus with the TFF set you get 2 full discs of unreleased material, while U2 gives you a scant 4 unreleased tracks. The start of their decline into safe Coldplay-esque mainstream anthems. And still there is no Rattle and Hum.

I would rather have an expanded ‘Wide Awake In America’ set than ‘All That You Can’t Leave Behind’. Don’t worry, there will be opportunities. I think Zooropa is kind of looked at as an extension of the Achtung Baby era as far as the band is concerned, though I think that sells the actual album short. Love U2, a fan for pushing 40 years but the key phrases here are ‘missed opportunity’ and ‘rip off’ Lets put the remixes on fake 12″s.”. My design lecturer used to tell me that simplicity is best, and that icon is indeed beautiful in its simplicity. Why no Elevation (Tomb Raider Mix)??? The first of the two Slane concerts (not the dvd) would have been ideal to release with this, I think. After Pop we have nothing I’m afraid. I’ll add just two thoughts: – I reckon they’re getting in early before the campaign for ‘U2 Best of 2000-2010 (Plus 8 Other Songs)’.

Original album remastered. The thing about U2 is they will hold onto every demo and outtake until they decide to revisit it or use part of it in a new song, once that route has been exhausted they will then consider releasing it or it goes right into the edges archive. U2 are no longer idealistic kids.

Includes; 5 CDs including remastered original album, live, rare and unreleased recordings You know it’s coming with the same format they released Joshua Tree and now this with the live show, remixes, etc. I Will Follow Sigh…. Electrical Storm (William Orbit Mix) [from “The Best of 1990-2000”] A missed opportunity. Absolute insanity. A grand madness! Completely agree with the sentiment expressed by some here that U2 were always at their very best when they were pushing themselves.

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