Add your answer and earn points. Toilet cleaners, pool chemicals, and … The best-case scenario is discomfort; the worst-case scenario is death. So, it is always advantageous to know the most harmful reactions in the field of chemistry. 379,630 students got unstuck by Course Hero in the last week, Our Expert Tutors provide step by step solutions to help you excel in your courses. Dry, damaged, weird-colored hair. The resulting chemical is a more potent disinfectant, but it's also corrosive, so you turn relatively safe household chemicals into a dangerous one. With this in mind, the rate of a reaction can be defined as an increase or decrease of concentration in any one of the reactants or final product. What It Does: Peracetic acid can irritate your eyes and nose and may give you a chemical burn. 17. You might be tempted to mix chemicals to make a more powerful product, but cleaning products are the worst choice for playing home chemist! We do not recommend using any chemical without first consulting the Material Safety Data Sheet which can be obtained from the manufacturer and following the safety advice and precautions on the product label. What It Does: Breathing enough chloroform will knock you out, which will make you unable to move to fresh air. Previous question Next question Get more help from Chegg. Expert Answer .

Breathing too much can kill you. This means that there is a greater number of collisions which leads to a quicker reaction time and a larger rate of reaction. The blog on and everything published on it is provided as an information resource only. Hydrochloric acid must be handled with appropriate safety precautions because it is a highly corrosive liquid. Peroxide + Henna Hair Dye = Hair Nightmare, AHA/Glycolic Acid + Retinol = Waste of $$$, Why You Shouldn't Mix Bleach With Alcohol or Acetone, Common Household Chemicals That Are Dangerous Mixtures, Why You Should Not Mix Alcohol and Bleach, Candle Science Trick to Extinguish Fire with Carbon Dioxide, Bleach Facts (Answers to Common Questions), Make Ammonium Nitrate from Household Chemicals, Equation for the Reaction Between Baking Soda and Vinegar, Bleach + Ammonia = Toxic Chloramine Vapor, Bleach + Rubbing Alcohol = Toxic Chloroform, Ph.D., Biomedical Sciences, University of Tennessee at Knoxville, B.A., Physics and Mathematics, Hastings College. Therefore, although there is an inverse relationship between concentration and the rate of a reaction, it is a relationship that is directly proportional. A reaction happens when particles collide, resulting in the reactants getting consumed and new products getting formed. This concept is best demonstrated by the reaction between hydrochloric acid and sodium thiosulphate. Why the warning? The rate of the reaction can be studied by measuring the opaqueness of the solution against the time taken for it to change. She has taught science courses at the high school, college, and graduate levels.

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