This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Creamy and luxurious, nothing tastes like Christmas quite like a Baileys, but a glass of the creamy stuff can be around 164 calories. If you plan on throwing out the diet completely for Christmas you may be shocked to hear of the hidden calories in your favourite tipple, Get all the very latest news in Ireland straight to your email every single day. That was TERRIBLE! So we ventured into our chemistry labs, and ran a sample of each liquor on an IR Spectrometer. Both + Orange Liquor... Get some B-52 action on. We have now learned that even according to our normal grading system we would give overall even grades to both when it comes down to it. So the only metrics that Kahlua won in were manliness (whatever that means), and aroma and smoothness when drinking the liqueur by itself, which nobody actually does. This has proven nothing! So, what better way to put our love for science, our love for booze and our love of being unmistakably awesome together than to do what I like to call: The Kahlua vs. Kamora One and a Half Blind Super Science Taste Test Challenge! I had this slight thought that the inexpensive Kamora was inferior but how would I really know. Both smell nice but A is much fuller and richer. You can still get excited and say that we proved these two to be just about the exact same bonds. first time i tried it i knew i'd never go back to Bailey's! I've done a bit of Googling but can't get a straight answer as to whether Baileys or Kahlua+cream is the way to go. We will call this friend “Mr. And B is looking to make a late comeback and win our hearts and minds! Plenty of Ice Don't call me that. . Tried Kamora when Kahlua went to $40 a bottle. if you like Bailey's you should try St. Brendan's Irish Cream. I mean a lot of folks love Ribena. This is the God tier drink of the Gods (and yes I used God(s) twice because it is that good) and yet we are not the most wealthy bunch. A drink called a tootsie roll (orange juice and coffee liquor). I mean BuffaloJern organizes all the anime that he has watched and will watch in a spreadsheet, myself and SwettahVest both have excel spreadsheet character sheets for D&D which organizes things MUCH easier than writing all of it out, and we here on booze reviews have a spreadsheet of all the grades we have given each booze and organized it along with grades for each one and averages of the averages to see which scores, metric or user, are superior for the boozes. Swap it for 50 mls of Baileys Almande made from almonds for a vegan alternative and you’ll come in at almost half the calories at a mere 76. LEGEND; … Fat 64g. Well I didn’t know what that really meant but I knew I had to use it as the title of this review. My question is around “Carmel color added”, which is now displayed on bottles of Kahlua – were you able to analyze whether Kamora also had “carmel color added”? Nutritional Info. So, without knowing which was which, we put down our grades for which of the two, A or B, we liked better. What we decided to do was do a double blind taste test of these two delicious coffee liquors to prove, once and for all, which is superior. As the chemists we will be soon, we decided we needed to run some tests on these, back-to-back, as we did during the review. Director Man” for reference. oz) of Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur (17% alc.). Was wondering this for sometime and made the switch years ago, but never bothered to test personally. 20 / 2,300g left. Daily Goals. Personalized health review for Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur, The Original: 100 calories, nutrition grade (N/A), problematic ingredients, and more. Better still, science done by someone else so I can get a reasonable answer to my suspicion without any of the work. So if these have the same peaks with the similar intensities of each vibrational/rotational peak, then we will prove that these substances have the same bonds and could possibly have the same chemicals in them…or it could tell us that they have some carbon-carbon bonds and oxygen-hydrogen bonds (which is what makes alcohol…alcohol). Either way, Kahlua wins this round! So myself and DJ_LvL made the drinks with A and B, labeled the glasses of each and we all sat down to enjoy and review. Check out our handy guide to Lidl and Dunnes, and where you can shop most cheaply, Irish couple selling three-bed home, BMW car and €5,000 in cash in€5.50-a-ticket raffle, Rose and Colin Jones say they have had enough of the pandemic and want to 'grab the bull by the horns' before it’s too late, 'I hate my sister's name for her daughter and I think she'll regret it forever', A social media user has shared their sister's rather 'shocking' name choice for her daughter, Seven lovely Irish pubs nobody seems to want despite thousands of viewers, There are loads of pubs currently for sale right across Ireland, We checked if Dunnes, Tesco, Supervalu, Lidl or Aldi are cheapest for Christmas sweets with one clear winner. This is the God tier drink of the Gods (and yes I used God(s) twice because it is that good) and yet we are not the … Alcohol would defeat the purpose. Our Irish Mirror Sports page - which brings you all your Irish and UK sports news - can be found here. Funny as hell and thanks for the spectacularly, detailed, scientific review!!!

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