By YouTube's standards, she's more than qualified to be called an animator. Sorry for the essay, but I just want ppl to live their lives like tomorrow is not guaranteed. Someone who has amassed such a humongous following like Felix would also have a lot more toxic people, this is just something inevitable that he himself can't control anymore cause he got waaaayyy too popular. 5:56:08 I'm sorry corpse but like, you're incorrect on that. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Content creation has become a great way for ordinary people to achieve fame and fortune. she tried to be funny but came off as rude every single time, *i'll play 1 more game* *Me: wait there is still 50 mins left ... CORPSE hella sus*, I don’t know if you know him or if you read your comments but please blow this up I want him to see it you should play with Joey graceffa he’s really nice and unproblematic I think you and him would really have fun with each other, what a fun stream! I even watch Nyanners. Faye needs to stop screaming. because, and here is a fact, it never is. I would love to have my ears ITCHING out of so much low frequency in a stream. don't be mean I also talk about how WolfyChu is a good animator, but that's not something I delve into too far.

!” I'm very nervous... stillSTREAM AGORAPHOBIC: Twitter: Corpse_Husband, i’m sorry what.

PLEASE!!!!!! Also, I thought he was a hacker, because he only shows his parts as impostor in those.

And I agree, I don't understand how one can find Marzia's voice fine but complain about lily's. I love you and I'm here till the end! LILY ... - YouTube @xx_Itz_Skylar_xx you were still being rude, @sukkipara it's not that I hate her she just kind of blew my mood, At 3:49:17 did the card swipe thing say “bro read”????

So I was looking through a friend's YouTube account because I help upload videos for them and came across a peculiar video. I might go into more depth in another video in which I ACTUALLY animate, but for now that's a no.~======================~Try out Sweatcoin to support my channel: with iOS and Most androids!Patreon: Im a pewds fan who was introduced to Lily on the Among Us stream and I LOVED her!!! Just because a style is more of an animatic with minimal movement and shifting doesn't mean that the illusion of movement isn't there. Even a small percent of it is a huge amount. People who actually care for you are gonna stay and support you, others will just leave you and support someone more popular. which means its entirely un surprising that hate for lilys voice seemingly spontaneously generated in pewdiepies community. , 40:49 the exact moment corpse got really into the game and got "energized" lmaooo :'), 1:03:58 anxiety 2:12:35 q&a 2:29:30 sykkuno stream. I’d never put this on a YouTube comment in a video she’s in and I like that people are defending her and there’s people that love her voice. I promise I'll be here to support you. One of the beneficiaries of content creation is Lily ‘LilyPichu’ Ki. I like among us, and Corpse is a great player, but I am really looking forward to him playing some other stuff too. For the entire day I would check from time to time on the newest comments of: Lily's Video/Pewd's Video, And there was so much hate comments that Im pretty sure its over a hundred. Im sure she is used to it at this point. I'm sorry, Corpse, I really like you now that I know you a bit. heres to 6+ hours of enjoyment. "Hope everybody is doing lovely" istg he's the cutest, Honestly I kind a want to see him play flee the facility on roblox with some of his friends…, Can you play more with gloom/kassie And can you do another stream of phansphobia are whatever it’s called with the group Dan,tiff, gloom and you again, 4:37:36 corpse reassuring his crewmates that they're appreciated , Aw yay I’ve been watching this stream in like 30 minutes increments and at about 40 minutes yesterday I searched for a link to merch and I couldn’t find anything official and I was bummed but I just got to 1:44:00 and he’s talking about coming out with some what a pleasant answer to my question. As soon as I got the notification for the video, I immedietly went to the comments cause I already watched the gameplay on streams and I want to see peoples reaction to OfflineTV, Then I saw the ammount of people getting annoyed at Lily's voice. can’t believe he went on for 6 whole hours lol, i'm anxious about every fucking little thing, i can't do anything without overthinking... corpse is actually very inspiring and i feel so much better since i found his channel but his words about how life is short made me cry almost.

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